Wyatt Moniz’s The Digital Sundial

2 Feb (18:00)
- 2 Feb (21:00)
Wyatt Moniz’s The Digital Sundial
Wyatt Moniz’s The Digital Sundial

⌚️2024-02-02 18:00:00 – 2024-02-02 21:00:00
🏢David Geffen Hall

This installation is on view from 6:00–9:00 pm from February 2–8, 2024 at the Griffin Sidewalk Studio in David Geffen Hall. Admission is FREE and tickets are not required. Just show up!
Between the interior of David Geffen Hall and the exterior of the world, there exists a veil. For decades, curators and decision-makers of culture have kept art inside and kept everything else out, cultivating what belongs in that category of art and determining what is rejected. But unsurprisingly the world has cracked through. Art inside the hall is forced to contend with windows flanking the walls that infuse the work with light, sound, and visible access to viewers outside the structure. The Digital Sundial intensifies that contention, replicating the impact external culture has on Lincoln Center through video projection, sound, and architecture. Elements of the work are visible from the street beyond the hall, allowing non-entrants viewership—weakening the veil between the praised and the discarded and challenging who is allowed to pass its borders.
Lincoln Center seeks to create a more inclusive experience for audiences by providing a range of accommodations for all performances, no request necessary.

10 Lincoln Ctr
New York,

Source: https://www.facebook.com/696470952602113

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