The Storyville Mosquito

15 Mar (14:00)
- 15 Mar (16:00)
The Storyville Mosquito
The Storyville Mosquito

⌚️2024-03-15 14:00:00 – 2024-03-15 16:00:00
🏢Alice Tully Hall

To make the arts more accessible, tickets are available on a Choose-What-You-Pay basis. There is a suggested ticket price of $20.00, as well as options to pay more or less.

The Storyville Mosquito is performed, filmed, projected, and scored on stage at each show! A young mosquito leaves his small town in the country to seek fame and fortune in the big city and fulfill his dream of playing in one of the greatest bands of all time at Sid Villa’s Music Hall. A team of 14 performers bring this story to life simultaneously on stage and screen, incorporating miniature sets, live puppetry, cinematography, and live music by musician and scratch DJ Kid Koala with a string trio. Don’t miss a funny, emotive, Chaplin-esque live theater experience that’s fun for the entire family!
Lincoln Center seeks to create a more inclusive experience for audiences by providing a range of accommodations for all performances, no request necessary.

1941 Broadway
New York,


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