The Pa'akai We Bring

17 May (19:00)
- 17 May (20:00)
The Pa'akai We Bring
The Pa'akai We Bring

⌚️2024-05-17 19:00:00 – 2024-05-17 20:00:00
🏢Clark Studio Theatre

To make the arts more accessible, tickets are available on a Choose-What-You-Pay basis. There is a suggested ticket price of $20.00, as well as options to pay more or less.

The Pa’akai We Bring introduces young audiences and families to native Hawaiian traditions around the cultivation of pa‘akai (salt). Traditionally, pa’akai has many uses: as food, as medicine, as a sacrament, and as a treasured gift. The piece follows multiple generations of salt farmers on Kauai, mixing ancient stories, hula, live music, original songs, and plenty of audience participation into a tasty potluck of performance, joyously served up with aloha!
Lincoln Center seeks to create a more inclusive experience for audiences by providing a range of accommodations for all performances, no request necessary.

165 W 65th St
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