1 Feb (19:30)
- 12 Feb (3:30)
Nova One

⌚️2024-02-01 19:30:00 –
🏢David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

There are two ways to access this free event:
1. General Admission, first-come first-served. Just show up!
2. Fast Track, opening the Monday before the event at noon.
Roz Raskin is the distinctly lush voice and glamorous front person behind the Providence, Rhode Island-based indie rock combo NOVA ONE. Raskin's lilting croon splits the difference between Leslie Feist and Lana Del Rey, while their songwriting centers vulnerability, self love, self expression, and self acceptance. In performance, NOVA ONE looks the part of their 60s girl group sound with all four members of the band donning mid-thigh black A-line dresses and peach-colored bob wigs. It's a display of unity and support, queer futurity, and ever-so-gentle retro irony that's completely in line with their dreamy, optimistic vibe. Join us for NOVA ONE's Lincoln Center premiere in celebration and presentation of songs from the group's newest full-length release, 2023's create myself. It's an LP that documents the journey of becoming, an invitation to discover your own story, and a friendly reminder that the compassion and love we give ourselves can be enough to sustain us.
Run time: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Lincoln Center seeks to create a more inclusive experience for audiences by providing a range of accommodations for all performances, no request necessary.

61 West 62nd Street
New York,


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