Juice Film Screening and Talkback with Omar Epps

8 Feb (19:30)
- 19 Feb (3:30)
Juice Film Screening And Talkback With Omar Epps
Juice Film Screening and Talkback with Omar Epps

⌚️2024-02-08 19:30:00 –
🏢David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

There are two ways to access this free event:
1. General Admission, first-come first-served. Just show up!
2. Fast Track, opening the Monday before the event at noon.
The early 1990s saw Hip-Hop cross over onto the silver screen as a vehicle for “hood films,” an Afrocentric resurrection of 1930s-style crime cinema. Alongside Boyz n the Hood, New Jack City, Dead Presidents, and Menace II Society, one of the cornerstones of this new breed of gangster film was Ernest R. Dickerson’s Juice, a bleak noir thriller anchored by the acting debut of a young Tupac Shakur. Thirty years later, Juice’s character study of a psychopathic power-hungry teen retains its edge, thanks in no small part to a talented performance from Shakur's co-star, the three-time NAACP Award winner Omar Epps (House, Love and Basketball, Power Book III: Raising Kanan). Join us for a full-length screening of this gangster classic followed by a candid Q&A session with Epps—focused on the making of the film, his iconic co-star, and the movie’s surprisingly lasting impact—as moderated by Lincoln Center’s Hip-Hop guest curator Xavier “X” Jernigan.
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