Frontiers Lecture: The Parker Solar Probe

23 Jan (19:00)
- 23 Jan (20:00)
Frontiers Lecture: The Parker Solar Probe
Frontiers Lecture: The Parker Solar Probe

⌚️2024-01-23 19:00:00 –
🏢American Museum of Natural History

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The Parker Solar Probe is a groundbreaking space mission designed to explore the Sun's atmosphere, providing unprecedented insights into solar wind, coronal mass ejections, and the mysteries of our star.

Having launched in 2018, the Parker Solar Probe will ultimately dip to within just 3.8 million miles from the Sun’s surface, speeding by at 430,000 miles per hour in December of this year. Join Nour Raouafi, project scientist of the Parker Solar Probe and astrophysicist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, for an in-depth look at this active NASA mission.

In this Frontiers Lecture, Raouafi will discuss the mission's history, objectives, spacecraft instruments, discoveries, and the future outlook of the Parker Solar Probe.


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