Frontiers Lecture: Space Weather

12 Mar (19:00)
- 23 Mar (3:00)
Frontiers Lecture: Space Weather
Frontiers Lecture: Space Weather

⌚️2024-03-12 19:00:00 –
🏢American Museum of Natural History

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Space Weather describes the variations in the space environment between the Sun and Earth. Unlike the more commonly known weather within our atmosphere, space weather can come in the form of radio blackouts, solar radiation storms, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and geomagnetic storms caused by disturbances from the Sun.
This Frontiers Lecture will feature Leila Mays, Deputy Director of the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and Elon Olsson, OpenSpace lead for CCMC. Utilizing OpenSpace visualizations in the Planetarium, they’ll highlight cutting-edge observations that reveal the latest in solar activity research.


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