Anna Luisa Petrisko and Ana Carolina Estarita-Guerrero

16 May (19:30)
- 17 May (19:30)
Anna Luisa Petrisko And Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero
Anna Luisa Petrisko and Ana Carolina Estarita-Guerrero

⌚️2024-05-16 19:30:00 –
🏢David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

There are two ways to access this free event:
1. General Admission, first-come first-served. Just show up!
2. Fast Track, opening the Monday before the event at noon.

Profoundly versatile multimedia artist Maylee Todd has curated and hosted an extraordinary series of events titled Women and Nonbinary Artists in Tech from January through May 2024. These groundbreaking performances will illuminate the innovative intersections of music, technology, motion capture, performance, and digital art. The final evening of the series features the world premiere of a new multimedia performance by Anna Luisa Petrisko with projection mapping and interactive design by Ana Carolina Estarita-Guerrero. The performance features a live music set with voice, synthesizer, percussion, and sampler by Anna Luisa. Her spiritually infused ambient textures with tropical-inspired beats make up her signature mutant pop, and hypersaturated analog video art creates an immersive and colorful space. Estarita-Guerrero activates the visuals with projection mapping and interactivity using Microsoft Kinect data, computer vision, and real-time video processing. Don’t miss this thrilling joint effort between two artists who are passionate about community, cooperation, and the transformative power of pushing their own and each other's boundaries.
Lincoln Center seeks to create a more inclusive experience for audiences by providing a range of accommodations for all performances, no request necessary.

61 West 62nd Street
New York,


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